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Kat Percussion KT2

Kat Percussion was founded in 1985 and is one of the original American electronic percussion companies.
Kat Percussion currently produces four electronic drum set series, the KT1, KT2, KT3, and the KT4.
They also produce amplification devices for electronic drum kits. One of their more popular drum sets is
the KT2.

The Kat Percussion KT2 high-performance drum set is a great product for so many reasons. The KT2
drum kit includes a 9” dual-zone snare pad and three 9” dual-zone tom pads. The cymbals included with
the KT2 are the 12” dual-zone crash cymbal with choke, 14” dual-zone ride cymbal with choke, and 10”
hi-hat cymbal with trigger pedal. This kit also includes a 9” pad for a kick tower with shock absorption
and a quiet bass drum pedal. Included with the drum kit is a drum rack. The KT2 drum rack comes pre-
assembled and it also comes with pre-labeled wire harness for easy out of the box setup. Finally, it
includes Kat Percussion’s KT2 USB sound module.

The KT2 drum module has over 500 studio-grade drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds. This allows the
user to make different types of sounds to make music with their own style. The drums also have high-quality sound and natural dynamic response. The pads truly respond with a natural rebound, and the drum
set is built so that you have better precision and comfortable positioning. The drum set is easy to set up so
you will not need to worry about any complications when setting up the kit. The Kat percussion KT2 high-performance drum set is at a reasonable price range for what it has to offer. With the great quality sounds
and the features that you will get with the drum set is phenomenal, so take a moment to really check out
this product. The drum and cymbal pads respond with a natural rebound. The layout of the KT2 drum set
is built for better precision and adjustable positioning.

The sound module also allows you to play 45 different drum sets, which consists of 30 preset drum kits
plus 15 user programmable drum kits. In addition to these presets, there are 80 play-along tracks. The
play-along tracks and the built-in recording feature allows the drummer to advance. There is a built-in
MIKI sound library, which is fully adjustable to enhance the sound quality.

The Kat Percussion line of electronic drum sets has differed from the typical physical appearance that
most electronic drums have. Most electronic drum sets are all black, but this drum set is gray and white
colored to look more modern.

Kat Percussion’s KT3 is more of an advanced electronic drum set. The most obvious difference between
the KT2 and the KT3 is that the KT3 drum kit comes with a red accent along with the gray and white

color. The other differences include the number of pads and cymbals that come standard with the set or
that can be added on. The size of some of the pads and cymbals are a little different as well. The KT3
sound module comes with more features and is made for an advanced drummer. You can check out a
review on the Kat Percussion KT3 at this website.