Home Automation Devices

Technology has moved us to make things more secure and convenient for people. One growing trend has been smart home technology or home automation. Smart home technology provides homeowners more convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, and security through smart devices in the home that can be controlled from anywhere, anytime through a mobile type application. You may ask, how can this be done? These smart devices are typically connected wirelessly to the Internet through the home’s WIFI. There are limitless possibilities for these smart home devices. Devices include smart light bulbs, doorbells, door locks, thermostat, and home security cameras.

Smart light bulbs come in different colored lights, and they are remotely controlled by smartphones or tablets wherever you may be. It can also be voice activated with Alexa. One of the established brands is Philips. So if you’re seriously considering this device, you know to trust Philips. These are known to last a lifetime, so you do not have to worry about investing too much money into it over a period of time. Also, these smart light bulbs will be a great addition to your house because they can be used in your lamp, ceiling fanlights, and simply replaces any light bulbs you see around the house, which means you will not need to worry about any technical electronic aspects inside the house.

In addition, many people are already utilizing the smart doorbell by Nest or Ring and the smart door locks. The door lock can also be controlled by your smartphone or tablet. If you ever forget to lock your door, then you can lock them on your way to work. Also, you’ll never have to worry about locking yourself out of your own house. You can simply unlock your door with a touch of a button from your smartphone. Additionally, if you’re in the basement expecting guests, you can simply unlock your door with your phone rather than going all the way to the door to let them in. Moreover, smart doorbell is another popular device nowadays. The smart doorbell by Ring includes a built-in camera. Thus, you’ll always know who is ringing your doorbell. Even if you’re not at home, you’ll get an alert of who is ringing your doorbell. This is a major protection to your home because if anyone rings your doorbell, you can take a peek on your phone rather than peeking out your window.

Furthermore, smart thermostat installed in your house is convenient. When you forget to adjust your temperature before you leave your house, you can simply open up the corresponding application on your smartphone and adjust it to your desired temperature. Also, this is great during winter season. You can raise the temperature on your way home from work, so that you are not walking into a freezing cold house.
Smart home security camera is a huge safety addition to your house. Whether you are at home or away, you will get a notification on your smartphone if the camera detects any movements. If it is anyone alarming, then you can set off an alarm or report for emergency immediately.

As the society is becoming more technology dependent, they can be more reliable and accurate. Having smart devices around the house adds greater security and safety. Not only will it enhance the safety aspect, but also it could potentially conserve tremendous amount of energy because you will never have to second-guess on whether you turned the light off, locked the door, or turned down the temperature before you left for work. So, take some time to check out the smart devices for your house!

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