eSport games

Video games have always been popular, but it may be more popular now than ever before. It seems to be more popular today because of the emergence of electronic sports (eSports), electronic leagues (ELEAGUE), social media, and streaming. I also believe the growing popularity is from the money being involved with video games.

I now see video game tournaments and leagues being televised on TV. Some of the most popular eSports tournaments I have seen being televised are League of Legends (LOL), Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and Overwatch. The wiki page on eSports breakdown some of the tournaments being played now. ELEAGUE is what I have seen on TBS where they broadcasting eSports leagues. I have personally watched Counter-Strike: GO and Overwatch games. You can even watch from the TBS website.

There is even an eSports league for the video NBA 2K, called the NBA 2K League, that is run by the NBA and a video game holding company, Two-Take Interactive. Players in this league are given a salary and have the opportunity to win more money through the championship and tournaments through the years. There was even a draft for this league where people are being drafted to the teams. I see highlights on NBA Facebook page, but I think the actual games are being streamed on Twitch. There is even an article on Forbes about NBA 2K League’s growing popularity. I even read an article of someone leaving their government job to join this league.

I would say Twitch is one of the most popular video game streaming website that came about around 2011 and became an Amazon subsidiary around 2014. Twitch is not the only place for people to live stream games and interact with viewers. I have also seen live streams on Facebook, Youtube,, and AfreecaTV. Live streaming popularity has also increased, and I have heard people now do live streaming as a profession. From this Forbes article you can see that video game streaming can be very lucrative but challenging as well. I am amazed how this can be a profession and one can earn money from sponsorship, donations, and subscriptions.

With the growing popularity of eSports I have also heard of colleges offering scholarships to students. Here is a list of colleges that have a varsity athletic program from ESPN. I played a lot of games when I was growing up, but I would have never thought that video games would become a source where you could get a college scholarship or even make a profession out of it.

You not only see investment from colleges in eSports, but also, there are celebrities who will invest in it. I saw an article on ESPN about Stephen Curry investing in eSports. Stephen Curry is one of the biggest basketball icons today, and it has great impact on this industry when someone like Stephen Curry is investing in eSports. This shows the growing popularity in eSports, and the potential of the eSports market becoming very successful.

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