Acoustic Drum vs Electronic Drum

There are many different types of drums today. The first acoustic drums were introduced in the early 1800s. Many percussionists developed a drum kit set by adding different parts to it. However, many years later, the first electronic drum set was invented during the 1980s. Professional percussionists found them to be innovative and more convenient because the drum set provided more various sound options without having to add extra drum parts. Not only did it provide more sounds, but it also took up less space and made it portable.  

There are continuous debates about acoustic drums versus electronic drums. Some people believe that only the acoustic or what they call traditional drum is considered a true drum set, where they do not consider electronic drums as real drums. I have experiences in playing both types of drum sets. I got my first set of acoustic drum set when I was in middle school. I still remember the way I used to drum on the traditional drum sets with the wooden sticks. Then, I bought my first electronic drum sets when I went to college. I have always loved playing on my traditional drum set, but the electronic drum set had a lot to offer as well.  Although many people have their preferred drum type and are biased toward one specific type of a drum set, it is hard to say that one is real and the other is not.

Most drummers started out their drumming experience with an acoustic or the traditional drum set. One of the major differences and the biggest advantage of the traditional drum over an electronic drum is the ability to play with more feel and touch. With the traditional drum, you can play soft to very loud. Cymbal washes are possible with acoustic drums unlike a majority of the electronic drums. You can also learn and perform drum rolls, buzz rolls, cymbal swells, and hi-hat technique; and not to mention, cross sticks better and more realistically on acoustic drums than on an electronic drum. Traditional drums are more sensitive and the level of dynamics and different sounds that can be created from the drums and cymbals themselves is far superior and more realistic to those of an electric drum kit. There is something about the traditional drums that can never be fully replicated by the electronic drum and I think that is why the acoustic drum will never go away. Unlike electronic drums, acoustic drums are tunable in many different ways, allowing the drummer to create sounds for the music they want to play. Besides the feel and sound of the drums, the look of an acoustic drum set is more appealing than that of an electronic drum set. Traditional drums can come in various sizes, colors, and type, which make them customizable to every individual. The positioning options of an acoustic drum set are superior to the electronic drum set allowing angles and heights of drums to be placed where you want due to advanced adjustable stands. Finally, the last benefit that might be surprising to people is that acoustic drums can be cheaper than electronic drum sets for beginners. This is because used acoustic drums are more reliable and less of a risk than a used electronic drum set, so you can easily build an acoustic drum set. Acoustic drumheads and other general parts can be less expensive to source and purchase than electric ones.

One of the greatest benefits that an electronic drum set has to offer is its ability to control the noise level on the drum. The noise control option allows the percussionists to play at their normal strength and speed without waking up their roommate or their next door neighbor. Being able to practice anywhere without having to worry about disturbing people near you is a huge advantage for drummers. As previously mentioned by professional percussionists, the portability piece that most electronic drum sets offer is a tremendous advantage. Traditional drums are usually bulky and not easily transportable, while most electronic drum sets are compact and lightweight. Electronic drum sets are also convenient in limited space spots. Electronic drums take up a lot less space and can be stored away very easily when not in use. Another reason that makes electronic drum sets charismatic is that of its versatility. As all know, traditional drums have specific sounds from specific parts of the drum. However, electronic drums not only have the sounds like the traditional drum set, but it has the ability to play different sounds like digital sounds that can easily be changed with a touch of a button. With that said, if you are in a mood to drum a beat with a traditional sound, or in a mood to drum more house music type of sound, then electronic drum set can cater to our preference in one sitting.

I wanted to share this Youtube video that portrays great comparisons on the acoustic versus electronic drums.

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