Holiday Shopping

The holidays are coming up, which is an exciting time for most because this time of the year brings true
happiness and joy. As we do for Thanksgiving, it is another holiday where we often spend time with our
family and friends, and it is an excuse to enjoy lots of food and drinks with our loved ones. We often find joy through giving and sharing. Everyone gets into that holiday spirit of giving to our families, friends, or to ones in need.

The biggest thing about the winter holidays is the spirit of giving. It is the time where everyone buys gifts for kids, family, and friends. People also buy gifts for holiday parties that do secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. Thus, this is one of the biggest shopping holidays. Since everyone is buying gifts for families, friends, and holiday parties, most people tend to overspend. We want to make sure you are spending your money wisely this holiday season.

Some people do some of their holiday shopping during Black Friday sale to take advantage of the sales.
Black Friday is considered to be the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Some may think Black
Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales have the best deals of the year, but in reality, there is not a huge
difference between Black Friday sales and Christmas holiday sales. You might even find better deals
during the holiday sales. Just make sure you regularly check for sales on the items you want throughout
the holiday shopping season because they will randomly lower prices in the middle of their sales.
Make sure you watch yourself during this season too. Retailers do a great job attracting and enticing
people to keep shopping. Through sale advertisements, displays, lighting, and music can draw people
into making those impulsive purchases. Don’t always trust the sales marked by retailers because the
“original” price may be the marked up price. I would encourage people to do some research and price
check items before making purchases to see if you are actually getting a deal on the item.

Holiday shopping can be a crazy time with large crowds. Procrastinating doesn’t help ease your holiday
shopping experience and may possibly make you spend more. Not having the time to research sales and
not taking advantage of the best deals, you could also miss out on certain products because they get
sold out. Online shopping is a growing trend and people love it since they don’t have to deal with the
crowds and waiting in line.

If you are shopping online you also need to be careful. There are a lot of scams online during the
holidays. We recommend shopping on sites that you can trust. This is not the time to go shopping on
sites you’ve never heard of just because they are offering a great deal. If you are thinking about buying from that site just make sure you do some due diligence and research the business. Here are some other things to consider when shopping online:

 Use only secured WIFI
 Check the website security before putting your information
 Pay with a credit card since most cards have liability protection
 Watch for email scams as well

We want to wish everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah. Be
safe and smart during your holiday shopping.

Had to throw some old’ school video for the Holiday season.

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